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The Royal Artillery in Halifax

A part of Halifax culture since day one

Since the city's founding in 1749, the Royal Artillery had always maintained a presence in Halifax. In 1869, it was the 3rd Brigade of the Royal Artillery who served there. The members of the Regiment were barracked in Royal Artillery Park, Glacis Barracks on the slope of Citadel Hill and within the outlying fortifications.

(Lack of) strength in numbers

The number of gunners rarely exceeded 350 and they were responsible for all of the guns within the city's defence complex. To help make up for the shortage of trained gunners, Artillery NCOs spent much of their time instructing infantry and militia on artillery drill.

In addition to this training, the Royal Artillery was also responsible for firing the daily noon and evening signal guns from the ramparts of the Citadel and for manning the Citadel's Signal Post.

A tradition lives on

Today, members of the re-created 3rd Brigade, wearing their distinctive blue uniforms, continue this tradition with the year-round daily firing of the noon gun and the display of commercial and military signal flags during the summer months.



All donations received are used to bring history to life at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada, by hiring young men and women to portray the British Garrison in Halifax at the time of our nation's birth.